It’s a pleasure for us to bring or Unique Concept, to the connoisseurs and lovers of and lovers of the Mexican Cuisine in Springfield an Lombard. By sharing our heritage we look forward to became an active member of the community.

Since the beginning, Casa Real has been owned and operated by family members. Or commitment is provide the most consistent, tastiest and traditional and traditional Mexican dishes fort our lunch and dinner.

Our menu has been created with the intention to set in your table a complete display of the most traditional and typical food many different regions of Mexico. Let yourself be captivated by te uniqueness of our delicious seafood dishes.

We know your like homemade style that is why we care about our dishes freshness with a daily preparation (and don’t miss the chance to try the chips and salsa you’ll love them)

Are you looking for the prefect match for your meal? Don’t worry. Our MARGARITAS will take you travel to the heart of Jalisco Mexico, the land of Tequilas of the world mixed whit our own typical sweet and sour flavor.

Thanks for choosing us to server you the best Mexican Food in town

Remember! My CASA REAL, es tu casa!
José López Jr
President / Founder